Confident Joseph Parker declares: 'This is my time'

"This is my time," Joseph Parker declares as he counts down to the WBO heavyweight title fight against Mexican Ruiz.

Parker's trainer Kevin Barry may have installed Ruiz as favorite for the December 10 bout in Auckland but Parker respectfully challenged his boss's theory that the Mexican had the faster hands backed up by more experience.

"I respect Kevin and his opinion and Andy does have fast hands but I believe I'm faster, so I'll prove Kevin wrong on fight night that I'm the faster fighter," Parker said in his first media conference since arriving home from Las Vegas to finish off his preparations.

Joseph Parker believes he has the fast hands needed to win the WBO title fight against Andy Ruiz.

"Kevin did say that Andy was the favourite but he didn't say that I was going to lose. This is my time.

"I know he (Ruiz) has prepared well for this fight and that he's taking this very seriously but the fight is going to be held here at home and I'm going to be ready for it. I'm excited, I'm really looking forward to it"

Parker's busy schedule – this will be his fifth fight of the year – has meant a relentless training regime but a fresh-looking Parker is adamant he's primed for the fight of his life.

He thrives on keeping active and promises to drain the tank for this performance because of the fight's significance.

"There's still a lot left in the tank. It's been a tough year, it's been a tough three years ... this will be 15 fights in three years and the body has taken a beating in training and in the fights.

"But I'm ready for this challenge and I get two months off after this fight. So this is a fight I'm going to give everything I have ... whatever is left in the tank."