Govt students kicked out over outstanding tuition

The Airline Link International Aviation College in Philippines has refused to enroll two Vanuatu Government sponsored students because the Government failed to pay their tuition fees dated back to 2014.

Daily Post has been informed that the two students have one last trimester left before graduation but have been missing school for the past two weeks due to payment delay by the scholarship office.

A copy of an invoice indicated that their fees were not paid since the 2014-2015 1st Trimester, 2014-2015 2nd Trimester and 2015-2016 1st Trimester.

Each Trimester cost 54,000 peso (Vt126,000) for each of the two students.

When contacted, the Ministry of Education and Scholarship Office attempted to explain the issue by saying part of the delay was because they did not receive formal invoices from the institution until early 2016.

Daily Post understands that although they claim they have not received the invoices for the past two years, no attempt was made by the responsible authorities to sought information.

It was the two concerned students who sought the invoices from the school and emailed them to the scholarship office, the same email address the school was sending them to for the last two years.

The two students attempted to take the matter into their own hands by writing to the school president requesting to be allowed to enroll and continue their studies while their fees are being settled.

Their request was turned down by the President who has given strict instructions for the school to leave them out until their fees are settled.

In response to queries, the MOE and scholarship office issued a statement Wednesday in which the Director of Territory Education George Mael Toka, confirmed that formal procedures in requesting payments through the Ministry of Finance (MFEM) have been made and the MFEM will make payments to the school Bank account in Philippines.

“”The Ministry of Education wishes to apologise to the guardians of the two students but i wish to let them know that their financial outstanding with the institution has been sorted out,” stated the MOE.

It is understood that it will take a couple of days for the payment to reach the school but following the statement by the Ministry, the two students again requested to enroll only to be refused again because of the trust issue the school has with the scholarship office.

As of yesterday the two students are yet prohibited from enrolling because the school has not receive the outstanding tuition fees.


Vanuatu Daily Post