Improved maritime facilities for Tuvalu outer islands

Tuvalu is to have better maritime facilities built on three outer islands with help from the Asian Development Bank.

The Outer Island Maritime Infrastructure Project aims to construct a small harbour on the island of Nukulaelae, and rehabilitate boat ramps on Nanumaga and Niutao.

Most Tuvalu outer islands lack docking facilities for ocean-going ships making it more difficult to transfer passengers and cargo on workboats.

The Financial reported that the $US13.3 million project is geared to develop an overall plan for making shipping to and from the capital safer and more efficient.

An ADB grant will fund $11.3 million of the project, a Global Environment Facility grant will fund $500,000 and the remaining $1.5 million will be provided by the Government of Tuvalu.

Photo: Devi Lockwood