Joseph Schooling gets inked after Olympic swimming gold

Singaporean swimmer Joseph Schooling has in recent days been mobbed by jubilant fans, been offered a standing ovation in Parliament and generally treated as a national hero after winning the country's first Olympic gold medal in Rio.

Now, he's decided to mark his historic win in the 100m butterfly in a more permanent fashion - ink.

The 21-year-old swimmer showed off a new tattoo of the Olympic rings on his right bicep at a press conference, with a video of him getting it posted online by the Singapore Swimming Association.

Schooling posted on Facebook and Instagram that he had "finally earned that tattoo".

Singaporean fans mostly agreed, with many posting approving comments.

Some, however, questioned the artwork. Mauri Tien said a "smaller, subtler one would have been nicer", while Lim SJ warned Schooling would not be able to "touch water" for two weeks.

Singapore delights as Schooling beats Phelps

But Schooling is far from unique in choosing to spill blood to commemorate an Olympics feat.

British diver Tom Daley did the same days after winning a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

US swimmer Michael Phelps, whom Schooling idolised as a teenager and defeated to take his Rio gold, also sports the rings, though in a less prominent location - on his right hip.

Olympics-related tattoos seems to be especially popular among swimmers, though athletes from archery to gymnastics to judo have also been spotted in Rio bearing ink.