Our water is WHO compliant: Water boss

​Eda Ranu says it's water supply is 110 percent safe for drinking.

Chief Executive Officer Henry Mokono says Eda Ranu standards are never compromised.

Eda Ranu is responding to concerns for safe drinking water by the Fiji delegation here for the Pacific Games.

The Fiji team sent an SOS this week to its major sponsor "Fiji Water" to supply the team with drinking water.

Fiji Times reported it's contingent had to boil water when safe drinking water became a concern for its athletes.

Mokono says Eda Ranu provides a world class product which adheres to World Health organisation drinking water standards.

"Our water is compatible to developed cities such as Melbourne and Sydney water Authorities," he told a media conference a short while ago.

Eda Ranu is known for winning awards annually at Pacific and Water Association Conferences.

It has delivered safe drinking water for Port Moresby over the last 19 years.

Joy Kisselpar