PM Charlot Salwai retains position as national President of RMC

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai has been re-elected President of Reunification of Movement for Change (RMC) party while Christophe Virelala is the new regional president.

Government’s Public Relations Officer, Hilaire Bule confirmed that the election took place on Tuesday afternoon after the opening of the congress by Prime Minister Salwai.

Following his election, PM Salwai and Virelala, who both come from Central Pentecost, thanked the entire congressmen for choosing them to represent them in the party’s leadership.

“It is such an honor to be elected as your next party presidents at the national and regional levels”, they said.

Speaking from the congress venue, government PRO Hilaire Bule described the 3rd RMC congress as the largest compared to the two previous ones due to the growing number of supporters.

The colorful traditional costumes, the beat and the custom dances in the opening hours brought to live the momentum of desire for a fresh beginning for the moderates.

Other Moderate members are also attending the congress.

In February this year, Moderates in the opposition consoled their fellow moderate member when they joined government side to elect Charlot Salwai as Vanuatu’s prime minister.

Like any other political congress, a final resolutions will be expected at the end of the congress.


Harold Obed