Search on for boy wearing Lionel Messi shirt made out of plastic bag

Lionel Messi's fans will do whatever they can to show their support - even if it means making a shirt out of a plastic bag.

A photo of a boy wearing a home-made Argentina football shirt, complete with Messi's name across its back, has been shared widely on social media, in an effort to track him down and possibly provide him with a real one.

The photo first appeared on the Twitter account of Turkish sports website Fanatik last week, where it was claimed the boy was from Iraq.

It has since been picked up and retweeted by several other accounts, including @messi10stats, a popular fan account with nearly 700,000 followers.

That account has tweeted that they have been contacted by members of Messi's management team, who said they wanted to "arrange something" for the boy, which would presumably include a proper jersey.

They asked for the picture to be shared widely in order to try and find him, and so far it has received nearly 4000 retweets.

Messi's official Twitter account, @TeamMessi, hasn't made any mention of the photo.

The 28-year-old Barcelona star recently added another award to the many he already has, claiming the FIFA Ballon d'Or earlier this month, as the best player in the world last year.

It was the fifth time he had won the award, the most of any player.