Vanuatu cricketers hoping weather conditions play ball

Vanuatu cricketers are hoping for a lift in fortunes on and off the field.

The Melanesians have lost their opening two matches at the World Cricket League Division 5 tournament, against Guernsey and hosts Jersey.

The first match was decided on the Duckworth Lewis method, with the President of Vanuatu Cricket, Mark Stafford, believing his side had been on the ascendancy when play was called off because of bad light.

The second game was reduced to 37 overs per side because of rain but Mark Stafford said the forecast looks better for tonight's clash with top of the table Oman.

Oman won comfortably when the teams clashed in a warm-up fixture last week and Mark Stafford said Vanuatu will have to find their flair and set them back a bit because they will expect to be able to win easily.

"We're not without a chance. From what we've seen, looking at it from a perspective of Oman will be playing a fourth day in a row with how many players that might take a bit out of them and of course the cold which we've experienced. Even though today was fine there was still a chill in the win...and the Omanis are all coming out of the hot climate as well so we'll see how it goes after the toss tomorrow."

Vanuatu will also play against Nigeria and Tanzania.