Vanuatu opposition confident motion will go ahead

Vanuatu's opposition leader says he believes the speaker of parliament's appeal of a Supreme Court decision upholding an application for a vote of no confidence won't amount to anything.

The Supreme Court this week declared a decision by the newly-appointed speaker of parliament, Marcellino Pipite, to rule out the opposition's motion of no confidence against the new prime minister Sato Kilman, and ordered parliament to reconvene on Tuesday to hear it.
Pipite says he will appeal, but the opposition leader, Edward Natapei, says he's confident the appeal will fail and the motion will be heard.
“We are very confident, there are several precedents of authority, even cases very much similar to this one that were appealed in the past and the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the parliament being reconvened to debate the motion.”
Meanwhile, court proceedings involving bribery allegations against 16 MPs in Sato Kilman's government have been adjourned until next month.