Vanuatu reiterates support for One China Policy, China Communist Party donates 500 000 Yuan to Vanuatu

Prime Minister Sariboh Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas has assured China of Vanuatu’s staunch support for China’s One China Policy.

The PM gave the assurance when he hosted the deputy minister of the International Department of the Chinese Communist Party, Guo Zezhou in Port Vila.

Vanuatu briefly recognized the Republic of China (Taiwan) in late 2004 when on 3 November Prime Minister Serge Vohor signed a communiqué in Taipei with ROC Foreign Minister Mark Chen. Taipei had offered $30 million in aid in return (compared with the $10 million given by the PRC). Mr Salwai was at the time a key member of the Union of Moderate Parties under the leadership of Mr Vohor. Under the One-China policy, this would result in the severing of ties with the People's Republic of China.

On Saturday (yesterday) , Sariboh Salwai Tabimasmas now as prime minister of Vanuatu, received for the first time a high official from mainland China. And during the course of their discussion, Mr Gou, who must have been briefed about Vanuatu-China relationship in 2004, asked Mr Sariboh Salwai Tabimasmas what his views are on the future relationship between Vanuatu and China.

The prime minister’s message was very clear that Vanuatu has always and will continue to cherish its relation with China through its commitment and adhesion to the One China Policy.  

To disconnect any doubt in the mind of the Chinese government, PM Salwai said he is looking at developing the existing Sino-Vanuatu relations a level higher.

“I was one of the first leader of Vanuatu who signed the relationship with China Communist Party in 2004 when I was the secretary general of the Union of Moderate Parties but unfortunately it didn’t last. Now that I am the secretary general of Reunification of Movement for Change (RMC), I look forward to revamping this relationship agreement,” said Prime Minister Salwai.

The sensible side of the majority would agree that maintaining the status quo, the One China Policy, serves the best interests of both sides.

M Guo thanked Vanuatu for its support to One China Policy.

“The question of Taiwan is an internal affairs. I thank you for your support on One China Policy. I fully agree with the ongoing positive relationship our two countries are enjoying. I will provide assistance to your social and economic development,” the Chinese minister said.

He said that unfortunately the relationship that M Salwai signed with the Chinese communist party in 2004 didn’t lasted but CCP has maintained an ongoing worker-ship relationship with other political parties, and that the RMC would be the next on the list.

He said that CCP has no intention to interfere in Vanuatu’s internal affairs but only to develop mutual relationship the two countries currently enjoys.

The deputy minister of the International Department of Chinese Communist Party, said China has always focused its keen interest on its relationship with Vanuatu

In demonstrating this goodwill diplomatic gesture, Mr Guo, offered a grant of 500 000 Yuan that will be delivered to the prime minister by the Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu at a later date. The money is a contribution from the CCP to the ruling coalition government.


Harold Obed