Why Maroons selectors showed faith in Nate

Not even the admission from Nate Myles's own grandfather that the Manly prop wasn't playing well enough to warrant selection for Queensland could dissuade Maroons selectors from picking him for a 30th time.

As the Sea Eagles have struggled to find consistency under new coach Trent Barrett and with a completely remodelled playing roster Myles has been unable to stand out, but standing out has never really been his thing.

The man himself will deride the lack of fast-twitch fibres in his legs and lack of anything resembling even a little bit of footwork at the line but the Maroons have got a job for Myles to lock up the middle of the field and after 29 appearances they know he'll get it done.

His selection was by no means a fait accompli – Cameron Smith's No.9 jersey is the only one that is – but long-time Queensland selector Des Morris said his position in the team was never truly in any doubt in their minds.

"Nate is one of those unsung heroes who does the hard work all the time, very consistent, never lets anyone down and everyone in the team knows they can rely on him," Morris said.

"We really have to justify to ourselves that they will be able to perform at that level. It's all right saying that you play the loyalty card and that sort of stuff but the reason the loyalty card is there is because they've never let you down.

"You might see them struggling a bit in their club footy or whatever but whatever that magic is when all those guys get together it just brings out the best in them and then it brings out the best in the other guys around them.

"While it looks like an easy decision from the outside and at the end of the day it probably is we don't simply walk in and say 'Mylesy' will be 13.

"Probably all of us in the back of our mind think he is going to be there anyway."