NZ in day two of lockdown as case numbers rise

More community COVID-19 cases are expected to be reported in New Zealand today as the list of locations of interest balloons.

There are 10 cases in the community and almost 70 locations of interest in Auckland and Coromandel.

Shopping malls, bars and cinemas across Auckland have been added to the Ministry of Health list of locations of interest meaning potentially thousands of people are now considered contacts.

Last night, malls in Albany and New Lynn, and supermarkets in different parts of Auckland were added.

So far, the earliest potential exposure site dates back two weeks to 3 August.

From midnight masks became compulsory for staff who have contact with the public and customers at supermarkets, petrol stations, dairies and pharmacies open under level 4.

Mask-wearing made mandatory

The government made it mandatory to wear masks while visiting essential services, including supermarkets and petrol stations.

Speaking to media yesterday afternoon, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said: "From 11.50pm tonight (last night), it will be mandatory for everyone aged 12 and over to wear a mask when they are visiting any of the essential services that are currently open, including supermarkets, pharmacies and service stations."

Staff will also be required to wear a mask. Mandatory mask use includes places like bus terminals and taxis.

Supermarket panic buying

Meanwhile, supermarkets have experienced a run on products, with stocks being diminished as people panic-buy items during lockdown.

Supermarket chain Countdown is continuing to limit the amount of some products people can buy in Auckland and the Coromandel, as shelves empty fast.

Countdown also says it has purchased an extra 2000 crates of fresh fruit and vegetables to boost its fresh produce supply.


Photo RNZ