Over 30 countries begin Covid-19 vaccinations

More than 30 countries have started vaccinating their high-risk populations with Covid-19 vaccines.

In a media briefing yesterday, (Tuesday), the World Health Organisation Director General, Dr Tedros Adhanom said, “The scientific community has set a new standard for vaccine development.”

“Now the international community must set a new standard for access.” 

“COVAX has been backed by 190 countries and economies and I want to see all manufacturers channel supply to COVAX quickly so that rollouts can begin and those at high-risk are protected around the world,” he said.

Dr Adhanom expressed his gratitude with the steps taken to boost the fight against the deadly virus.

“Last week, WHO issued its first Emergency Use Listing for a COVID-19 vaccine – the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.” 

“And yesterday, it was also encouraging to see the Astra-Zeneca vaccine rollout begin in the first country,” he said.

Dr Adhanom also thanked all the health workers that have worked tirelessly during this pandemic. 

“We owe it morally to health workers everywhere who have been fighting this pandemic around the clock for the best part of a year, to vaccinate them all as soon as possible.”

“Vaccinating health workers and those at high risk of serious disease is the fastest way to stablise health systems, ensure all essential health services are up and running and that a truly global economic recovery can take place.”

The World Health organisation has urged governments all over the world to work together leading the fight to end coronavirus.

“I urge all governments to work together and live up to their commitments to equitable distribution globally and all pharmaceutical groups to boost supply as quickly as possible and to fully participate in COVAX.”

“The hundred-hundred initiative driven by WHO, UNICEF and the World Bank is supporting over 100 countries to conduct rapid readiness assessments and develop country-specific plans for vaccines and other COVID-19 tools.” 

So far more than 90 countries have already completed the assessments and the WHO teams are working around the clock to ensure that governments and health systems are ready for global vaccine rollout.




Josephine Navula