Adele serves a foul-mouthed warning to fans who throw stuff on stage

British singer Adele has some brutally honest thoughts on concert etiquette following a wave of bizarre interactions between fans and pop stars.

The 35-year-old singer shared her grievances during a recent Weekends With Adele show in Las Vegas, joking that she would “kill” any audience member who attempted to throw an item at her onstage.

“Have you noticed how people are like, forgetting show etiquette at the moment? People just throwing shit on stage, have you seen them?” Adele asked the crowd.

“I dare you. Dare you to throw something at me, and I’ll kill you.”

Wielding a t-shirt gun, the Easy on Me hitmaker shared some choice words of advice with her audience: “Stop throwing things at the artist when you can shoot things to people.”

“I’ve been seeing these people. These people lost it, can you imagine?”

Following a New York concert in June, US pop singer Bebe Rexha was hospitalised after a cellphone intentionally thrown by a 27-year-old struck her in the face.

Days later, Sweet but Psycho hitmaker Ava Max was slapped and scratched by a fan while performing onstage.

Grammy winning singer Pink, currently on her Summer Carnival Tour, has been at the receiving end of some questionable gifts from fans as of late, including a giant wheel of brie cheese and the ashes of a fan’s mother.