Frankie Goes To Hollywood go back to the Pleasuredome at Liverpool reunion

Frankie Goes To Hollywood have played live for the first time in 36 years - but their long-awaited reunion was brief, lasting for just one song.

The pop band, who were among the biggest stars of the 1980s, buried the hatchet to play for 25,000 people at a concert to mark the Eurovision Song Contest in their home city, Liverpool.

BBC reports they decided against playing their three UK number ones - Relax, Two Tribes and The Power of Love. Instead, they opted for Welcome To the Pleasuredome, a number two hit in 1985.

When its rumbling rhythm and chanted lyrics kicked in, the band succeeded in rolling back the years.

Now with white hair, and wearing a white suit and black gloves, frontman Holly Johnson's voice is still unmistakable.

"Bless you," he said to the crowd at the National Lottery's Big Eurovision Welcome concert. "Lovely to see you all."

There was no obvious sign of the acrimony that reportedly saw the group fight backstage before their final gig at Wembley Arena in 1987, and has lingered ever since.