The Panthers: TV series re-enacts the journeys of the Polynesian Panthers

TVNZ drops a new television series this Sunday that re-enacts the journeys of the Polynesian Panthers - a movement set up by Pacific and Maori activists confronting racism and social injustice in the early 70s.

The Polynesian Panthers created their own revolutionary footprint in New Zealand in response to the dawn raids that saw their families hounded by police and tracker dogs then illegally deported.

Associate producer Jaunnie Ilolahia may have been a child at the time but this is a story close to her heart.

"I was born into the movement and I've definitely seen a lot of changes. My parents co-founded the movement and they were there right from the very beginning '71 and '72.

"My godparents Tigilau and Miriama Ness were also involved. As a child I grew up with it. It was all sort of happening around me and it wasn't until I was older that I began to realise the significant impact of their actions at the time. I'm incredibly proud of them."

Her father Will Ilolahia is one of about 40 Polynesian Panthers that continue to inspire change for Pacific people in New Zealand.

Jaunnie Ilolahia says the television series highlights the great work that the Polynesian Panthers did and continue to do even till now around the world.