Peter Jackson on how Tolkien stopped a Beatles LOTR film

In 1968 Peter Jackson was only six and so had no idea of the events taking place that would later have such a big impact on his career as a director.

That was the year author JRR Tolkien refused The Beatles permission to make a film version of his fantasy epic The Lord of The Rings.

Fast forward 36 years and The Return of The King, the final film in Jackson's trilogy adaptation of the literary classic, would tie the record for the most Oscar wins in one year - 11, including best director for Jackson.

Oh, how different things could have been if it had been the Fab Four with Frodo.

The Beatles may have lost out to Jackson when it came to putting The Lord of The Rings on the big screen, but now these giants of popular culture have come together for the three-part, almost seven-hour long, documentary Get Back, for Disney+.

The project has seen Jackson restore more than 50 hours of outtakes from the 1970 documentary Let It Be and piece them together to tell a more positive version of what happened in the studio back in January 1969.