Fiji PM Rabuka places faith in the Great Council of Chiefs

Fiji’s Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka said he hopes the chiefs of this country will take heed of the words of wisdom by the President, Ratu Wiliame Katonivere and Methodist Church of Fiji President Reverend, Ili Vunisuwai.

While addressing the media on Bau Island, Rabuka said Ratu Wiliame and Rev. Vunisuwai have both highlighted the real heart of re-establishing the GCC.

Rabuka added that the GCC is to look into the welfare of the people.

“What is it that the people of Fiji expect? They expect from the Bose Levu Vaka Turaga (GCC) wisdom and compassion, for it to be the source of all those things that we now have with the position of President. He is the fount of honor, the fount of mercy, and the fount of authority.”

Rabuka also said the GCC will need to be a parallel institution that serves all people in the nation.

The Prime Minister added that he hopes the GCC will be able to restore leadership in the indigenous community.

He said that he hopes the decisions made will be translated into leadership that will alleviate the iTaukei from poverty.

The chiefly body, which was first introduced under the British colonial government in 1876, .was disbanded by the former Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama in 2007 after he accused chiefs of interfering in politics and inciting racial tension..

The GCC is expected to outline their new role in Fiji society and politics as an advisory body.