Fiji school slammed for treatment of Covid infected student

Fiji's Education Ministry disappointed at the way a school head handled the Covid-19 reporting and communication protocol this week.

This comes after the government announced two more cases of Covid-19 in the community, two children - one a student - from a settlement in the capital Suva.

Education Minister Rosy Akbar said it is unfortunate that the details of the student were released and are now circulating on social media.

Ms Akbar said the ministry strives to protect the interest of all the children and she reminded the public to be mindful of the sensitivity surrounding this issue.

She urged people to refrain from sharing such confidential information.

The school head has been suspended from duties until further notice.

The minister said all heads of school and teachers had been cautioned to exercise confidentiality when dealing with issues related to Child Safety and Protection.

Akbar said during these unprecedented times, the ministry expected support from the public.

She said she believed everyone would work together with the Government in ensuring the children were "always protected and this should be paramount".

"We are all fighting this battle together and we are at a time when we need to work in solidarity and show the true Fijian spirit of brotherhood in protecting lives," Akbar said.