Frustration in Tokelau with Apia-based administration

The Ulu of Tokelau says frustrations have prompted renewed calls to move the territory's administration office from Samoa to Tokelau.

Siopili Perez says at the last general fono the new public service commissioner was asked to investigate bringing the core operation to Tokelau while maintaining a function in Apia.

Mr Perez said the commissioner is due to submit a report at the next general fono in two weeks which will outline recommendations on how to structure the administration.

The ulu said while transport and recruitment would stay in Apia, all other services would eventually move to Tokelau.

"Why do I need to pick up my phone and ring my adviser in a different country... on a day to day basis that I need to pick up the phone? These are the frustrations that I have personally, hence why we need to bring the office where the people are. It's about time that our offices came where the ministers and the leaders are based, on Tokelau not in Samoa," he said on RNZI.

Mr Perez says the commissioner's report will outline a proposed structure as well as budget and timeframe.