Irish sex offenders found assaulted, tied to bench and covered in paint

Police in Northern Ireland hunting for two wanted paedophiles found the pair badly injured, tied to a bench and covered in blue paint.

James White and Jason Lydiard (also known as Alexis Guesto) were wanted in Northern Ireland for a range of offences, including breach of licence and warrants. 

Police appealed to the public for any sightings of a blue Peugeot they believed belonged to the pair.

On Thursday afternoon local time, police found and seized the car in Mullaghbawn with all four tyres slashed. 

According to police, both men were located nearby following reports of an assault in the area. 

Detective chief inspector Jill Duffie revealed, "White and Guesto were kicked and beaten with iron bars before being taken to Mullaghbawn village, where they were further assaulted by a number of individuals and covered in paint."

Footage and images of the sex offenders show them tied to a bench and covered in paint. 

Police said White and Lydiard are in hospital receiving treatment, having sustained injuries.

Inspector Jill Duffie said police were told the two sex offenders planned on marrying each other.

"I understand that feelings in the area have been running high over the search for these men, however, there can never be an excuse for violence or people taking the law into their own hands," 

Police are investigating the civilian arrest.