Israel shows Hamas bodycam attack footage to journalists

The Israeli military held a screening for journalists on Monday of raw footage recovered from Hamas body cameras, in an effort to remind the world of the brutality of the attack on Israel two weeks ago.

The bodycam footage, cut together with clips from CCTV, dashboard cameras and the mobile phones of both Hamas gunmen and victims, showed in stark detail the sheer horror visited on a music festival and family neighbourhoods in southern Israel.

The Israeli military also released documents which they said were recovered from dead Hamas members, containing detailed operational planning and instructions for attacking the neighbourhoods and taking hostages.

The 43 minutes of footage screened in Tel Aviv on Monday was distilled from hundreds of hours of footage collected since the attack, the Israeli military said. It contained clips of Hamas gunmen cheering with apparent joy as they shot civilians on the road, and later stalking the pathways of kibbutzim and killing parents and children in their homes.

One traumatic sequence, taken from home cameras inside of a kibbutz, showed a father rushing his two young boys into an above ground shelter, seconds before Hamas attackers threw a grenade in, killing the father and wounding the boys.

After the two boys, bloodied and in shock, had staggered back into their home screaming, a Hamas gunman calmly entered and looked through the fridge in front of them, pausing to take a drink before walking out again.

One of the boys cried to his brother: "Daddy is dead, this is not a prank," and repeated "Why am I alive"? His brother was apparently blinded by the grenade. The military spokesman present was unable to say whether they survived.