Papua New Guinea further opens border, lifts Port Moresby curfew

Papua New Guinea has opened its border to international travel from four more countries.

The move is part of the latest changes to the nation's pandemic response and includes a lifting of the daily curfew in the capital Port Moresby.

Pandemic response controller, David Manning, said international flights are now open to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Solomon Islands which are in addition to Australia which already has access.

Manning said passengers are still required to get approval from his office to travel to the country and must be able to show a negative test result for Covid-19 before being allowed on a flight.

David Manning said a 12pm to 5am curfew which has been in effect in the national capital district is now lifted.

All other pandemic response restrictions remain the same.

PNG has recorded seven Covid-19 deaths and over 500 cases of the coronavirus so far.