Taliban to allow at-risk people to leave after 31 August - US

More now from the US briefing with Secretary of State Tony Blinken.

Blinken said the Taliban have made a commitment to allow American citizens and at-risk Afghans to leave the country after 31 August evacuation deadline. He stressed that US efforts to help people who wanted to leave would not end on that date.

The secretary of state said that up to 1,000 US nationals - possibly more - could still be in Afghanistan and the administration was making exhaustive efforts to trace them.

Asked by a reporter why the US should do what the Taliban want, Blinken said the focus was on getting US citizens and others to safety.

"And for that purpose the Taliban, whether we like it or not, are largely in control of the country," he says, adding: "It's important to work with them to ensure the departure of all those that want to leave."

"As a practical matter, it advances our interests," to work with the Taliban to continue the evacuations, he argues.