Thieves steal 117 year old pews from Auckland church

Thieves broke into an Auckland church on Sunday and literally took a pew, with 10 long seats vanishing.

Police said the Mt Eden Presbyterian Church on Esplanade Rd was broken into and 10 church pews were stolen.

RNZ reports the wooden seats were large and distinctive, and would have been difficult to transport.

They were more than 8m long and more than 117 years old.

Police believed at least two people and a large vehicle or trailer would have been needed to take them.

"The pews may have holes in some ends where they were bolted to the wall and floor of the church. We appeal to anyone who may have a seen a large vehicle or trailer in the church grounds or carpark to contact us."

Police said it was an unusual theft and anyone who was offered one for sale might not even consider it was stolen.