If Santa could give you something this Christmas...

If you were to ask Santa for anything, what would top your list?

Loop PNG lifestyle asked random people what they would want for this Christmas.

The responses, if not very specific, varied:

There are those who are focused on technology and know exactly what they want:

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quardcopter Drone With 2.7 HD Video Camera, DSLR camera, 5D cannon, i-Phone 6, Apple Mac, Canon D3500 and S7 (for my husband).

Other common wishes were good health for self, family and loved ones, for family company, all expense trip to holiday destination of choice, basic needs, shoes/sneakers, house, car and motorcycle (Yamaha).

Then there are the special wishes:

For my songs to be aired on the breakfast show in America, to attend a 21 pilots concert, to have wings to fly, to have unlimited wish so I can wish for anything and to have a whole heap of money so I can resign from my current job and work for myself.

Some have their focus on non-material things for their future:

To have a masters in 2018, to have another opportunity for a job abroad and school fee for next year’s academic year.

And finally, those who wish for something more than themselves

For world peace and peace in my head, to bless, give gifts to, and put smile on all those homeless kids and orphanage, for enough presents for all the street kids in Port Moresby and for PNG to be a fully-growth country.

Best for last:

I'd wish for our country to have honest and transparent politicians (as an outcome of next year's elections) bureaucrats and the general public to change their attitudes and be a better society of people.

Santa please grant me the above.

Gloria Bauai