NUV Language Centre has new director

The National University of Vanuatu (NUV) has appointed Dr. Leslie Vandeputte as the first Director of its Language Centre

The role will help strengthen the institution’s languages framework and support the priorities of Vanuatu National Human Resource Development Plan 2020-2030 (NHRDP).

The university said, Dr Vandeputte brings with her sound experience and expertise in anthropology, linguistics, didactics, and sociolinguists to the NUV.

She has a Ph. D in Social Anthropology and 8 years of fieldwork experience in the United Arab Emirates, New Caledonia, and Vanuatu.

Dr. Vandeputte said “I am proud to join the NUV and be part of this great and exciting adventure of developing a national university and its Language Centre that will ensure the good promotion of quality language teaching and learning, provide access to higher education to all Ni-Vanuatu regardless of their educational and linguistic backgrounds.

 I believe Vanuatu has a unique and leading role to play within the Asia-Pacific region when it comes to using multi-languages for advanced education”.

“Developing research and promoting all languages spoken in Vanuatu is a challenge that I find particularly interesting,” she added.

As the first task of her mandate, Dr Vandeputte has finalized the NUV language policy as well as the Strategic Plan for the Language Centre which are going to be presented for approval of the Members of the governing bodies of the University in the next few weeks.

The Vice-Chancellor of the NUV, Mr. Jean-Pierre Nirua, said “The National University of Vanuatu is delighted to have Dr. Vandeputte joining our team. Her expertise in linguistics and culture are a great asset for the university.

In addition, she has both international and local experiences. She will be able to understand students’ needs and challenges to better equip them with key resources. She will also contribute to develop the NUV’s research in anthropology, culture, languages, and sociology.

The development of NUV is aligned with the Vanuatu People’s Plan and the Vanuatu Education and Training Sector Strategic Plan. The focus of education and training under NUV and associated institutions are based on the priorities of the country’s National Human Resource Development Plan 2020-2030 (NHRDP.

Photo Caption: Director of NUV Language Centre Dr. Leslie Vandeputte



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