Archery on target for the games

Archery is a game where you need a bow and an arrow, as simple as any other game and just requires the archer to aim for a set target to score points.

The Vanuatu Archery team has made it through six months of training in China, making sure each athlete has reached their very best potential to achieve the goal of making their country proud at the upcoming Vanuatu Pacific Mini Games.

In the Team Vanuatu, there are Nine athletes – three women and six men – who will be competing in two categories within the sport which are Recurve and Compound.

The Van2017 Test event on Saturday presented athletes each, playing their sport and showing the local supporters how much the athletes have improved in their preparation for the big event.

At the Mini Games, there will be Archery teams from nine countries including New Caledonia, Palau, Norfolk Island, Tonga, Solomon, Fiji, Kiribati, Vanuatu and Samoa from the December 12 to 14, 2017.

There are two distances to be covered in the shooting – 50metres and 70metres – but archers shoot first from the longer distance of 70metres, then the 50metres. For each distance there are 36 arrows shot, three arrows by 12 rounds.

Vanuatu has two very strong archers within the team, Victor Tarsong shooting from the Recurve

category and Elodie Molwai in Compound. Molwai went to Samoa this year for an under-16

competition reaching the quarter finals.

With the improvement of these two athletes, there is so much positivity coming from the Sports

Development Officer for Archery, Axel Garlopeau, about how much the athletes believe they can

break through and perform well making their country proud of them.