Ash Taylor retires from Warriors

Warriors halfback Ash Taylor has been forced into early retirement on medical advice.

The 27-year-old has osteoarthritis and played just one game for the Warriors this season because of hip problems.

Taylor had played for the Brisbane Broncos, Gold Coast Titans and the Warriors over the career that spanned 116 games.

"Three shoulder reconstructions, two compound fractured fingers, hand, arm, wrist, ankle, abductor and the more recent hip surgery I think my body has been through a bit.

"I knew my time in the game was coming to a standstill after playing my recent match [round two against the Gold Coast Titans] and going to the park the next day and I couldn't stand up to play with my children, in pain and was gradually declining.

"It was coming to a stage where I could see opportunities in training and games but my body physically, especially my hips, couldn't do what my mind was telling me to do," Taylor said.

On the advice of three different specialists Taylor said it was best for his quality of life after league to pull the pin on his NRL career now.

If his condition was any worse Taylor said he would need a full hip replacement.

"We're going to try to delay that as long as I can and hopefully I never have to get it but if it gets to stage where I can't do my livelihood stuff it'd be something I'd have to look into in the future."

When Taylor arrived at the Warriors on a one year contract this year he said he believed he had many more years in rugby league ahead of him.

Taylor had surgery while playing for the Titans and he said ever since then his hip "hasn't felt right".

"It's been a bit off but of more recent it's been more accelerated and aggressive... I tried to keep going as long as I could but it came to a time where I had to do something because it was effecting me away from footy as well."

Taylor had been stewing on the decision to retire since mid March after playing his last game against the Titans.

Family life in Toowoomba is now calling Taylor and he also plans to make use of a teaching qualification and maybe a future in coaching.

"I thought footy was going to be my life forever, but looking back now I'd probably tell a young Ash to look at the education side of things for post-career of footy. I've almost finished my cert for teacher aid but it's only just been finished now I've had a long time to do that but I just kept putting it off saying I've still got footy for a few more years ... as a man now [I'd tell my younger self] to really pursue that because you never know when your time is going to be up."