Confidence Warriors will fly out on Sunday

The Warriors have organised a charter flight to take them to Australia on Sunday.

The Auckland club hopes that final clearance will be given today to head across the Tasman to start preparing for the return of the National Rugby League (NRL).

The club is organising a charter flight for its 32 players and 18 staff to depart Auckland on Sunday.

The Australian government and state officials will hold meetings today to discuss frameworks around the return to sport at all levels and how they may implement that.

The NRL remains hopeful the New Zealand-based club will be given an exemption to travel to Australia and take up camp in Tamworth, training while in quarantine.

That would ensure that all NRL clubs are able to return to practice next week, paving the way for the planned restart on May 28th.

The Warriors have refused to fly until they also get clarity over wages as well as whether families can join them.

RLPA chief executive Clint Newton reiterated the commitment of the Warriors' players to resuming their season and the NRL's desire to provide welfare support as they prepare to cross the Tasman.

"The Warriors have been so professional throughout this process," he said.

"And ultimately we still have to understand that the Warriors are committed to coming over for an unknown period of time. And that's the part that can't be lost in all this.

"Peter [V'landys] has made guarantees around all this, that players, particularly the Warriors, will be properly supported and protected. And then it's about working through that."

Issues the RLPA is seeking further information on include:

  • How biosecurity measures will work and be enforced;
  • Insurance and health protections for players, staff and club officials;
  • Medical and injury management support for players;
  • Wellbeing and welfare support of players and their families;
  • Transparency of NRL revenue within a revised competition and resulting player payments;
  • Details on government exemptions around interstate travel and training.

The RLPA's existing agreement allows for players to sacrifice five months salary if no games were played again this year.