England fined 'four-figure' sum for v-shaped formation in response to haka

England have reportedly been fined by World Rugby for their response to the All Blacks' haka before last Saturday's Rugby World Cup semi-final.

The Guardian reports England have been fined a four-figure sum for breaching World Rugby regulations, which say opponents must not cross the halfway line while the challenge is being performed. At least six England players could be seen in television coverage breaking that rule.

The Guardian added the fine is less than the one France received in the 2011 Rugby World Cup final. They were made to pay NZ$5000 for their v-shaped formation, which also went over the halfway line.

After the comprehensive 19-7 win over the All Blacks, Mako Vunipola said England did their v-shaped response to the haka knowing it would “rile” the All Blacks up prior to the match.

“We talked about it as a team but everything has to get past the boss,” Vunipola said.

“He gave us the idea. We wanted to be respectful, but we wanted to also make sure that they understood that we would be ready for the fight.

“We knew it would rile them up. It probably felt like we disrespected them, [but] we meant no offence by it. We just wanted to let them know that we were ready for the challenge ahead.”

The All Blacks said after the loss the response had no effect on them, but England came out dominating the match and scored through Manu Tuilagi in the second minute.