Former All Black Richie McCaw's surprising new performing gig a complete '180' from his rugby career

Former All Black Richie McCaw hasn’t been quiet in his post-rugby years, with the inspiration captain known for his pursuit of adventurous feats

As a trained pilot, McCaw began flying helicopters as his life after rugby began. Recently he competed in the gruelling GodZone competition, a 666km race that lasts days and requires running, kayaking and climbing over vast country terrain.

His latest gig is not what you would picture for the former captain of the All Blacks, becoming a member of The Wiggles for their latest concert in Christchurch.

McCaw joined the group onstage wearing his very own ‘black’ Wiggles jersey, played the bagpipes during the rendition of ‘Scotland the Brave’ before returning at the end of the show for the singalong ‘We’re All Fruit Salad’.

In a clip shared backstage, McCaw admitted to being nervous ahead of his cameo appearance for the world-renown band.

“The thought of going out on stage with the stars of The Wiggles in front of a whole lot of kids makes me a little bit nervous,” McCaw said.

“They’re pretty seasoned performers so they assure me they’re going to make me feel comfortable.”

McCaw’s own daughter is a big fan of The Wiggles, which was a factor why he knows all their songs.

“I could probably sing every one of The Wiggles songs because I’ve heard them on repeat for the last 18 months,” McCaw said.