NRL Confidential: Old Kangaroos cheat sheet leaked, Josh Reynolds’ TV cooking dream

A RETIRED Australian rugby league star has leaked an old cheat sheet of the Kangaroos, which reveals an intriguing insight.

Meanwhile Josh Reynolds reveals his reality TV dream, and Jamal Idris opens up about his religion.

Take a look at the social side of the game in NRL Confidential:


Corey Parker has leaked an old Australian team cheat sheet from one of the Kangaroos’ clashes with rival New Zealand.

Parker posted a photo of two sheets of paper, on which is a game plan devised to tackle the Kiwis in Wellington.

One side is for “offence” and the other for “defence”.

The cheat sheet includes instructions on what plays to run at scrums, where to kick the ball, and how to stifle the Kiwi attack.

Wonder if the coach is happy with these leaked notes?