All sports to operate normally in Vanuatu

The Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee has confirmed that all sports activities are expected to operate with their normal schedules.

VASANOC made the clarification in a statement released last week.

 “We would like to inform you that the protocol which is applied now is Scenario 2A.”It is a directive from the Vanuatu Ministry of Health.”

“From VASANOC, we want to advice everyone that all sporting activities as well as events are maintained for the time being.”

“However, we invite you to remain vigilant and to apply the protocol as a preventive measure. Thereby, applying social distancing, washing your hands frequently with soap or sanitizer and avoiding touching your face (rubbing the eyes, hands in the mouth, etc.) are strongly recommended.”

The national sporting body is also encouraging sporting federations to make sure that the protocols are observed in all training and competition venues for athletes, officials, families/ friends, and spectators.