Food is the fuel for athletes, officials and volunteers

Food is vital for athletes at the XVI Pacific Games to ensure they are nutritiously fit to compete.

There are different local caterers assigned to every venue’s dining halls, including on Savai’i, where Boxing will take place, with test runs of all their menus in preparation when the Games open on Sunday 7 July.

“There are caterers specifically for athletes and Technical Officialsand others for volunteersandVIPs,” said Analosa Manuele, Catering Coordinator of the Pacific Games Office.

“For the Pacific Games, we are working together with the caterers to make sure that the meals provided are hot, fresh, nutritious and safe for consumption.

“We want to make sure we also have a taste of Samoa there, through promoting and using our locally available foods, fruits and vegetables.”

The caterers for the Samoa 2019 Pacific Games are Taro King for Gym 3 and Denzal for Samoa College. The food for the VIPs will be provided by Inalani’s Catering and volunteer meals by Apia Bottling Catering.

On Savai’i, meals for the athletes and technical officials will be looked after by the team from the Savaiian Hotel. Dynasty Catering will be providing meals for the VIPs and volunteers.

“Food is a very important part of our everyday life. It provides energy and nutrients needed to develop and maintain a healthy body," said Analosa.
"Having a proper meal is very important for athletes, Technical Officials and volunteers as it provides energy and strength during performance, training and recovery.” 

A Senior Nutritionist at the Ministry of Health (MOH) since 2013, she has been involved in catering for different programs, working on menu plans and advising about nutrition.

“I think the biggest challenge that we are facing is time...with so much to do, but with the great support from the Pacific Games Office, my MOH team and my family, all will go well.”