Football For Friendship Pacific Young Ambassadors to spread the word about the magic of football

A group of young promising football players and aspiring journalists from Pacific island countries have become Football For Friendship Young Ambassadors.

The children, who are aged 12 years. returned to their home countries after attending the 2018 Gazprom International Children's Social Programme, Football For Friendship (F4F) in Moscow.   

Samoan player, Peniata Soul Maiava said: “I made so many friends, learned different languages, skills and techniques in football, different countries and their cultures, different flags that belong to certain countries. And we also shared Samoa’s culture among other countries.

Young Journalist, Semisi Semisi said the highlight for him was the 2018 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony and match.

Tonga’s Kalisitaine Seau said F4F has a very professional level of playing.

“You have to do a lot of training at your home country before heading going out because from what I saw and experience, there are future stars in the F4F. That is what I learned and going to put effort on it when I return to my home country,” Seau said.

The trip to Moscow was the first ever trip overseas for Seau’s colleague, Anita Hufanga.

Hufanga said F4F gave her the opportunity to build confident in herself despite being a girl.

Vanuatu’s Meihua Franck learned to make new friends, and the value of friendship.

“My highlight was getting to meet and see football stars and attending the World Cup opening ceremony” said Franck.  

Young aspiring Vanuatu Journalist, Iawiolo Batal said he would like to share his experience with other children and to encourage them to play sport because it can help them to travel and make new friends.

The six children were joined by others from Australia, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands and Tahiti.

In the lead up to the FIFA World Cup 2018™, the sixth Football For Friendship programme was attended by 1500 children and was covered by over 300 international media outlets to spread the values embodied by the beautiful game to the world.

The children will now take the values learned at this rapidly growing global social programme to their own countries in the name of friendship.

F4F consisted of training for designated Young Players, masterclasses for designated Young Journalists, the showpiece Football For Friendship World Championship and finished with Football For Friendship International Children's Forum.



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