Games 'mascot' seen migrating to Vanuatu

A leatherback turtle named Solo, after the Solomon Islands 2023 Pacific Games mascot, has migrated more than 1000km to Vanuatu.

The Games Organising Committee partnered with The Nature Conservancy to track the movements of leatherback turtles from their feeding to their breeding grounds.

Inside the Games reports one of those being tracked, Solo, nested five times at Haevo nesting grounds in Isabel Province in the Solomon Islands between November 2022 and early January, before migrating eastwards through Malaita, Makira and Temotu Provinces.

According to satellite data, Solo arrived in Luganville in Vanuatu last week after a journey of 16 days.

Female leatherback turtles are known to nest in intervals of between two and three years, and further updates on Solo's progress are expected up until the start of the Pacific Games on November 19.