New Zealand consultants visit in discovery phase in broadcasting area

Van2017 has received a visit from two technical experts in broadcasting this month.

They are Brian Himsley, a consultant from Telemedia New Zealand Limited, and Shane Ornsby as a Technical broadcaster.

Both spent four days in Port Vila to meet with Van2017’s key people in the Broadcasting section as well as management of Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation.

“We signed an agreement with Van2017 to assist in scoping out the size of the broadcast piece of work and to produce the Host Broadcast for the Van2017 Pacific Mini Games,” explained Mr Himsley.

“Our visit in Vanuatu is described as a discovery phase; we want to find as much information as possible that we need to know in order to find out what is available in Vanuatu. For instance, how far the work on Korman Centre has gone, laying of cables, positions of cameras in various events, and where will be the position of commentators.”

The Broadcasting Unit under the Van2017 Technology section will play an integral part in disseminating media coverage across the Pacific region, as well as feeding television coverage to viewers in all the Provinces in Vanuatu, so people who do not have the opportunity to be in Port Vila in December will also enjoy the live action of this huge sporting event.

The host broadcaster for the upcoming Games is the State Owned Enterprise, Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation, which has been given the right to broadcast all Games competitions.

In collaboration with Pacific countries, VBTC will be also working with some other media organizations and companies around the region, to get technical assistance to cover a certain amount of the most popular sports during the Games.

“After this first site assessment, the next stage is to produce a production plan for the company that will be coming in for the broadcast,” said Mr Himsley.

Van2017 thanked Digicel, the Official sponsor of the Mini Games, for providing adequate network services at all Games venues during the Games.