Oceania Swimming Championships: Day 3

Team PNG was among qualifying teams in Day 3 of the 12th Oceania Swimming Championships finals on Thursday night, having qualified earlier in the day for 8 races.

It was the 4 by 100 metre freestyle races that got the crowd roaring towards the end of the final heats for their respective teams.

Team PNG did well in the 4x100 freestyle relay; it was the men’s race that was every bit a nail-biting experience.

Team PNG’s Sam Seghers opened the race for the lads, maintaining speed with Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.

Next in the pool was 18-year-old Josh Tarere, who put up a good challenge against Samoa’s Sitivi Sooaemalelagi, and one of Fiji’s strongest swimmers, 18-year-old Taichi Vakasama.

Later a fired up Leonard Kalate and Livingstone Aika hit the pool, and gave PNG a great chance of finishing the race in good timing; of course it wasn’t without great challenge from Samoa and Fiji to end, finishing 4th at 3 minutes 40.

The women’s team finished after a 4th placed Team Fiji in 4 minutes 38.

Their race began with 19-year-old old Georgia-Leigh Vele, ending with 20-year-old Britney Murray.

Overall, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii were awarded respectively in the women’s, while New Zealand took gold in the men’s, Australia silver and Hawaii bronze.

Salome Vincent