Pacific Games medal ceremony to embrace Samoan culture

Athletes will get to experience the Samoan culture and heritage in the medal ceremonies of the Pacific Games, next month.

 Medal Ceremony Coordinator Kristian Scanlan says they will display the best of the island nation to other countries.

“Eyeing gold for the XVI Pacific Games is any athlete’s dream come true and the reason we’re bringing the best to the podium.”

More than 320 medal ceremonies will take place during the two weeks of sporting action.

Medal ceremonies are the most broadcast event during any Games and play an important role for all the sports.

As the coordinator of the Medal Ceremony, Scanlan brings his vast experience as a secretary of the Miss Pacific Islands for five years, alongside his involvement with Miss Samoa and organising the Teuila Festival through the Samoa Tourism Authority.

“The medal ceremony cuts to the core of any athlete, it puts your heart to rest knowing you have done everything for God and your country,” he said.

He believes the podium is the finish line for any athlete.

“It’s finally where you look up to see the flag of your country rising and say to yourself ‘I have done it’,” Scanlan said.

The theme for the medal ceremonies depicts the journey of Samoa, from locally made trays to design motifs and accompanying music.

“The medal ceremony comes with a lot of heart and thought,” he added.

“The music plays a huge role in it, the medal presenters have a certain way to gracefully move like a ‘tamaita’i (lady) Samoa. There will be training held for our medal presenters.”