Shooters reminded to handle guns with care

Shooters competing in the Samoa 2019 XVI Pacific Games are advised to carry their weapons with care.

There will be eight countries competing in five medal events for shooting. The competition will take place in the second week of the Games, from 15-19 July.

"The main priority of shooting is safety," said Technical Delegate from Australia, Judith Kent.

The shooting venue is Tafaigata Shooting Range, built in 2007 when Samoa last hosted the Pacific Games. 

It is located 15 minutes from Apia CBD and can hold 200-300 specatators.

"I had a look at the pistol range to see that everything has been in place, which was great.

"With an island that doesn’t have many shooters they have done a good job," she said.

She spent four days in Samoa recently to assist with preparations for the Games.

"I had a look at the map of the locations of where everything will be based during the Games.

"I was able to see where the [ammunition] would be stored. We have decided on the various places, such as the ammos that would be put in the big containers and will be guarded by 24 hours."

She continued: "We looked to see where to put the podium, where the ropes... would stop people from going to the ground and where the athletes would be based."

There are two disciplines that will be competing during the Games: pistol and gunshot. One international technical official will be responsible for each discipline.