Van2017 announces the lineup for football matches for the 2017 Pacific

A total of 23 matches will be played over the course of the Games starting with 3 matches on Dec 02.

A total of 10 teams are entered into the tournament—6 men’s and 4 women’s. 

The format will be a round robin, total point tournament.  This means that the suspense will build throughout the Games, with all the teams having a chance on the final day to win a medal.

Teams include:

  • Mens—Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, FIJI, Tonga, Tuvalu
  • Womens- Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tonga

The Games will be played at both the new Korman Complex as well as the Port Vila Municipal Stadium.

There has been one change from the tickets that were announced and put on sale in September.  Games that had been scheduled for Dec 08, have been cancelled and moved to Dec 09.

Anyone who had purchased a Dec 8 ticket, it will be honored for Dec 2, or Dec 9 at the Municipal Stadium.

Van2017 also announced that the football Games on Dec 4, 11, 14 at the National Stadium will be free of charge to the public.

These Games are featuring the Women’s teams, and CEO of Van2017 Clint Flood said it was important that women’s football be as widely supported as men’s football is here in Vanuatu, and this is our way of supporting women’s football by encouraging everyone to come and see how good the quality of play is.

Van2017 will be broadcasting many of the matches throughout the Pacific on its live World Feed that is free across the Pacific.

VBTC will be broadcasting all the Team Vanuatu football matches on TV throughout Vanuatu.  Capital FM 107 a Gold Sponsor of Van2017 will be calling many of the Games on radio for fans across Vanuatu.

The lineup for Vanuatu teams are as follows:

  • Saturday Dec 2 MENS- New Caledonia vs Vanuatu- National Stadium — 400 VT (includes 3 matches)
  • Monday Dec 4- WOMENS- Vanuatu vs Solomon Islands- National Stadium – FREE (2 matches)
  • Wednesday Dec 6- MENS- Vanuatu vs Tonga- Korman Stadium 400 VT (2 matches)
  • Thursday Dec 7 WOMENS- Vanuatu vs Fiji – Korman Stadium 400 VT (2 matches)
  • Saturday Dec 9 – MENS- Vanuatu vs FIJI—National Stadium – 400 VT (3 matches)
  • Monday Dec 11 –WOMENS- Vanuatu vs Tonga- Korman Stadium- 400VT (1 match)
  • Tuesday Dec 12- MENS- Vanuatu vs Tuvalu – National Stadium – 1000 VT (3 matches)
  • Thursday Dec 14 –WOMENS BRONZE MEDAL – National Stadium – FREE (1 match)
  • Thursday Dec 14- WOMENS GOLD MEDAL – Korman Stadium – 400 Vt (EVENING)
  • Friday Dec 15-  MENS GOLD AND BRONZE MEDAL – National Stadium 1000 VT (3 matches)


A Korman ticket at 400 VT includes entry into Korman for the entire day for all other sports.

A Korman Pass -3000 Vt includes entry into all Matches at Korman—and all other sports at Korman.

An Ultimate Pass -5000Vt allows unlimited entry into all Sports and Matches at Korman and National Stadium

Tickets are available now at all ABM locations, and will be sold throughout the Games at ABM. Day tickets will be available each day at Korman Complex and at the National Stadium on match days.

The Complete Sports Schedule and Updated ticket information is available on the Van2017 website www.van2017 and ticket hotline number 35517