Vanuatu duo to debut at 2019 3x3 Asia Cup Basketball

Two players will be making their debut for the Vanuatu Men’s team at the Asia Cup 3x3 Basketball competition next month.

Riki David and Rickie Vira Tambeqwaru were selected from top potential players that tried out for the final squad.

Team Development Officer, Sacha Duthu says it is good to be able to identify potential players because they create challenges within the squad.

“No one’s seat is taken for granted, and if someone performs better than someone else, he deserves to represent his country. All the players signed a charter before the beginning of the preparation and they all know what the rules are. Training is the key to perform well and they are selected based on their performance, but also on how they train, their attitudes, their commitment. It’s not just about “what”, but also ‘how’, said Duthu.

The team is laced with experienced players and it has been preparing for the tournament since February.

“We have a larger group for both teams because we wanted to include more players in the project and to develop not only a small number. But to have a bigger squad so those that don’t make it have the opportunity to learn something, and so we can also develop local players that will pass on their skills when they train with their clubs.”

Apart from training to better their performance in all areas, the squad has also lined up friendly matches to determine where they stand.

“The New Caledonia 3x3 women’s team visited us on Easter week-end. We trained together and played friendly games on Saturday and Sunday. It was a very good experience for us as New Caledonia will play a 3x3 international competition for the first time in Samoa.”

“It’s always good to be able to compare yourself to the others and to be challenged by someone else,” Duthu added.

Both the men and women’s teams are aiming to finish the competition on a high note.

“We are going to face professional basketball players same as last year when we participated for the first time. We know that it’s not about losing or winning but learning to make sure that we will be ready for the Pacific Games,” Duthu said.

The following players have been selected to represent Vanuatu at the 2019 3x3 Asia Cup;

Men’s team: Riki David, Rickie Vira Tambeqwaru, Manoah Moli and Jared Ova.

Women’s team: Frances Izono, Jessie Malverus, Nancy Patterson and Pauline Malanga



Josephine Navula