Vanuatu to pick up speed in 3x3 basketball

Vanuatu National Basketball Development Officer Sacha Duthu believes they still need to improve in their speed and coordination area in the 3x3 game.

Duthu has been working on giving the players a lot of exposure to gain experience.

“I’m very positive after that competition. Despite the loss against Samoa for the girls, we have improved in our game compared to last year. We did come to claim the qualification, but also to gain experience and to test our players. It was not easy for some of them, as it was their first time with the National Team, but they did great both on and off the court.”

After the FIBA 3X3 Asia Cup, Duthu pointed out the critical areas the players have to improve on before the Pacific Games next month.

“We already knew that 3x3 is a physical and fast game, but we do have to emphasise on those 2 particular points in the country. You can’t play like in 5x5 and hold the ball, you are like in a situation of emergency with only 12 seconds to attempt a shot,” he said.

The Vanuatu Men’s team lost all their draw games and results are as follows:

Vanuatu 3-5 South Korea

Vanuatu 10-21 India

Vanuatu 12-21 Malaysia

The team was also winless in the women’s category:

Vanuatu 5-21 Chinese Taipei

Vanuatu 11-12 Samoa

Vanuatu 5-22 Philippines

However, Duthu remains positive of the team’s representation at the competitions leading up to the Pacific Games.

“When you wear the national uniform, you represent your country, you fly your flag, and you belong to a very privileged category of people. Not everyone can make it, so it’s always an honour. Even more for me as I’m representing a country that is not mine, so I’m always proud to wear that uniform as a coach.”


Josephine Navula