2016 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup

PNG to feature in FIFA U20 WWC report

Technical reports are published after each and every FIFA competition in order to analyse how the game is progressing.

The report is being compiled by a six-member Technical Study Group (TSG), headed by FIFA coach Vera Pauw, and drawn up by the technical development department of football's world governing body.

It contains a match-by-match analysis, detailed statistics as well as an appraisal of each team's performance.

Along with that, a DVD is produced containing the highlights of the tournament, including all the goals.

Korea DPR thanks PNG

Coach Hwang Yongbong thanked the hotel staff that accommodated the team, the Local Organising Committee and the PNG Football Association for hosting them.

Yongbong was very happy and proud of his players for winning the tournament trophy.

The coach attributed the win to every player who played their part in contributing to the win against France on Saturday at the National Football Stadium.

FIFA official: We have learnt a lot from PNG

Haenni told local female sports journalists at a recent workshop hosted by the Women in News and Sport (WINS) program, in Port Moresby, that they have learnt a lot about the people and culture.

WINS hosted the workshop in conjunction with the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup and participants were treated to a diverse range of FIFA speakers.

Haenni admitted that hosting the tournament in PNG was a little bit of a challenge at the start but they’ve all learnt a lot about the country in the past weeks.

FIFA applauds host nation

Deputy chairwoman of the FIFA organising committee, Sonia Bien Aime, gave closing remarks on the tournament, saying she would like to commend the fans and supporters.

“I have been to many and I must admit that I was blown away and surprised, even I was told that the people are friendly, but what I have seen in the stadium is just amazing,” she said.

She added that she really didn’t know what to expect when she got here.

Germany praises host nation

Despite missing out on the semi-finals, Germany Coach Maren Meinert highlighted that her team’s experience in PNG was memorable.

Meinert said overall, the tournament here was very well organised.

“We really liked to be here and we wanted to remain for one more week but unfortunately we have to go home.

“But it was great for the players to have the experience to play in front of the crowd in Port Moresby.

“And it was a great experience to be in the world cup and make it through to the quarterfinals,” the coach said.

France defeats Germany 1-0

A stiff defence from France in the second half kept the favourites scoreless despite numerous attempts near France goalmouth.

France regrouped into defensive play with minimal attacks after seeing the need to defend their only point for victory.

French goalkeeper Mylene Chavas was too good for the German attackers, defending every ball her way and was named the Live Your Goal player of the match.

France now makes the final top four with Korea DPR, Japan and USA.


(Pictures by Troy Taule and Kennedy Bani)

France leads at half-time

Germany had several attempts in the opening minutes but failed to convert.

An opening shot from forward Jasmin Sehan hit the crossbar and went over.

Just then in the 16th minute, France swung in a corner kick that bounced off the head of a German player to find the boots of skipper Cascarino, just outside the 18 yards.

Cascarino powered a right footy through that got the crowd roaring for the unexpected goal.

German tried to make a comeback with several outside shots but couldn’t find the net as France leads 1-0 at half-time.

USA secures semifinal spot

They defeated Mexico 2-1 today in the third quarterfinal at the Sir John Guise Stadium.

USA, in black and blue, scored through forward Ally Watt and midfielder Kelcie Hedge. Both players were not included in the starting lineup but came off the bench in the second half.

Mexico, in white and green colours, scored through midfielder Maria Sanchez.

The Mexicans showed technique and great footwork, clearly standing their ground against USA in the first half.

Both teams dominated the first half having equal ball possession.

Mexico and USA scoreless at half-time

Mexico and the United States remain scoreless at half-time of the third quarterfinal of the FIFA U20 Women's World Cup, underway in Port Moresby.

The Mexicans showed technique and great footwork, clearly standing their ground against the Americans.

Both teams dominated the first half having equal ball possession.

Mexico's midfielder Maria Sanchez made the first attempt in the eighth minute, making a clear direct shot outside the penalty box. Unfortunately, it was saved by USA goalkeeper Casey Murphy.

USA and Mexico match underway

The match kicked off at 4pm under fine weather conditions in front of a good crowd.

The North Americans, in blue and black colours, are led by captain Mallory Pugh.

USA's starting lineup includes goalkeeper Casey Murphy, forward Jessie Scarpa, midfielders Ashley Sanchez and Emily Ogle.

The Mexicans, in light green and white colours, are led by captain Nancy Antonio.

Mexico's starting lineup includes their top goal scorer Kiana Palacios, key midfielder Maria Sanchez, goalkeeper Esthefanny Barreras, midfielders Belen Cruz and Eva Gonzalez.