Margaux Pinot: Shock over release of judoka’s partner in assault case

Ms Pinot accused her partner and judo trainer Alain Schmitt of punching and attempting to strangle her during an altercation over the weekend.

The Olympic gold medallist, 27, filed a complaint against Mr Schmitt.

He was arrested but denied the allegations and was acquitted in court.

A judge said there was not "enough proof of guilt" for the prosecution to proceed when delivering his verdict in a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

"A court is never there to tell who is telling the truth and who is lying," the judge said.

Vanuatu drivers acquitted over assault of woman

RNZ reports the men had been charged with assaulting Florence Lengkon, who had criticised them on Facebook after they had thrown stones at another bus carrying tourists.

The drivers were competing with the other bus to carry the tourists.

Women Against Crime and Corruption chairperson Jenny Ligo said more than 50 drivers witnessed the incident but no one stepped forward to identify the attackers.