Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand drops ban on staff tattoos

Some New Zealanders with Maori heritage wear tattoos to mark their genealogy and heritage.

The airline said from 1 September, all employees will be able to display "non-offensive" tattoos at work.

It said there was growing acceptance of tattoos, particularly as a means of personal expression.

The airline's tattoo restrictions attracted criticism and some accused it of hypocrisy for using other aspects of Maori culture - such as language and symbols - in its marketing efforts.

NZ's Deputy PM says Air NZ should reassess Vanuatu flights

Air New Zealand pulled flights out of Port Vila in January 2016 citing concerns over the state of the runway.

However there have been various repairs since then and airlines such as Virgin Australia have resumed services.

During a visit to Port Vila Mr Peters said he was aware of the important part tourism played in the local economy.

The minister said the visiting delegation is returning home fully apprised of the situation and they will be making their thoughts well known to Air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand to spend billions to buy new fleet Boeing Dreamliner long-haul jets

Speaking in Auckland on Monday Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon said it had eight firm orders for the new aircraft and an agreement with Boeing includes an option to increase the number of aircraft from eight to up to 20. 

The deal is worth US$2.7 billion (NZ$4.12b). Air New Zealand has negotiated a significant discount on current list prices and the parties have agreed not to disclose the actual purchase price.

Hampered flights refuel in Fiji

Air New Zealand said it had diverted several flights to Fiji over the past few days to top up on fuel.

It said the temporary shut-down of the damaged pipeline was affecting all airlines operating in and out of Auckland Airport.

The airport said it does not know how long the problem would take to fix, but it said it was in regular contact with the company responsible for the pipeline, Refinery New Zealand, to know when it would be operational again.

Niue gains extra flight throughout year

The airline has been operating a second flight only during the high season and was due to return to the twice weekly flights from the end of this month.

The Secretary to the Niue government Richard Hipa said Niue had signed an air services agreement with the airline for the second flight to continue through the low season.

"It's good news for us and we just hope there'll be bums on seats to make it economical."

Air NZ flights to Vanuatu still on hold

The airline stopped flights in January, citing concerns about the state of the runway at Bauerfield Airport in Port Vila.

A multi-million dollar refurbishment is being planned and funded by the World Bank.

In the meantime, there have been two lots of temporary repairs to the runway.

While Virgin Australia has resumed services, Air New Zealand is only prepared to send in charter flights.

Earlier this week, Vanuatu's infrastructure minister, Jotham Napat, said the airline had told him that the runway was acceptable for operations.

Air New Zealand investigating after inappropriate images of staff leaked

An employment lawyer says the images could bring the airline into "disrepute", and may amount to serious misconduct.

The photos show a pilot posing with a blow-up doll inside an aircraft. It is understood the images were shared to Facebook and Instagram.

Another video, which appears to have been posted to Snapchat, shows a flight attendant moving through the cabin, spitting water.

The video is captioned: "Wish I could spit on passengers like this".

An Air New Zealand spokeswoman said the airline was "shocked and appalled" by the images.

Air NZ says Vanuatu airport good for charters only

According to RNZI, the airline announced it was satisfied temporary repairs to the runway at Bauerfield Airport have restored it to a safe standard for charter flights only.

It said it would only consider resuming regular services when a permanent solution for the runway had been fully funded, designed and contracted to a competent contractor.

Air NZ urged to follow Virgin Australia with Vanuatu flights

RNZI reports the airlines cancelled flights into Vanuatu in January because of concerns over the safety of the runway at Bauerfield Airport.

But Virgin Australia has just resumed flights following repairs to the runway.

Air NZ keeps suspension on Vanuatu flights despite repairs

RNZI reports in January, Air New Zealand cancelled flights into Bauerfield Airport in Port Vila because of unsafe conditions.

Virgin Australia followed suit and Qantas suspended its codeshare arrangement with Air Vanuatu.

The New Zealand firms Fulton Hogan and Tonkin +Taylor have completed repairs to the runway, and aviation representatives in the region say the airstrip is now safe.

New Zealand's Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that Air New Zealand consulted it and it says it is pleased that appropriate action was taken.