Twitch to start offering a virtual currency

"Stream+ is a loyalty points system where players can earn points by watching streams," said Patrick Gilmore of Amazon Game Studios.

He said points could be used in "polls and wagering" and could be spent on items to use in games.

The studio's forthcoming multiplayer game Breakaway will be the first title to use Stream+.

Breakaway is Amazon's answer to rival studios Blizzard, Value and Riot, which have all developed similar team-based battle games.

Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, DeepMind announce the biggest partnership on AI

 AI creations can write captions for images, create trailers for moviesdiagnose cancer, etc. There has been a lot of development in this field.

Google, Facebook, Amazon join forces on future of AI

Amazon, Google's DeepMind, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft will work together on issues such as privacy, safety and the collaboration between people and AI.

Dubbed the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, it will include external experts.

One said he hoped the group would address "legitimate concerns".

"We've seen a very fast development in AI over a very short period of time," said Prof Yoshua Bengio, from the University of Montreal.

Amazon boss becomes world's third richest

Mr Bezos owns 18% of Amazon's shares, which rose 2% in trading on Thursday. Forbes estimated his fortune to be $65.3bn (£49.5bn).

Amazon's revenue beat analysts' expectations, climbing 31% from last year to $30.4bn in the second quarter.

Profit for the e-commerce giant was $857m, compared with $92m in 2015.


Shoppers frustrated on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon's Twitter account said it was working to resolve difficulties customers were having checking out.

The promotion ran for the first time last year, when the site also faced technical problems.

More than 34.4 million items were sold that day, exceeding the amount sold on Black Friday the previous year.

This year, customers complained of not being able to check out their purchases, with some missing deals available for a limited time.

Others said they were experiencing issues adding items to their cart.

Drone delivery start-up Flirtey taking on Google, Amazon in race to satisfy safety regulators

It may sound far-fetched but it is closer to reality than you think. And a tiny Australian company called Flirtey claims to be at the front of the flying drone pack.

Flirtey has already made a commercial drone delivery, albeit under strictly controlled conditions.

"I see a not too distant future where seeing a drone delivering a package to you or your neighbour is more common than seeing a postman or Fedex van deliver packages today," Flirtey chief executive officer Matt Sweeny said.

US stocks edge mostly lower; Amazon soars on surprise profit

With corporate earnings in full swing, several big companies were making sharp moves Friday after reporting their results.

Most notable was Amazon, which jumped 17 percent after surprising investors with a profit.

Elsewhere, Capital One sank 10 percent and Biogen plunged 17 percent after their results fell short of what analysts were expecting.