Vanuatu Dept of Livestock to restock chickens on Ambae

The families have returned to the island after they were evacuated last year when the volcano erupted.

According to the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) based at Saratamata sub-centre on Ambae, the largest repatriation was over the festive season.

On Friday, 17 January, the Director of DOL, Lonny Bong visited Ambae to brief the TAG members and the PENAMA Provincial Administrator about the re-establishment plan for livestock services for the island, as well as announce the commencement of the recovery plan in February starting off with chickens.

Seeds distribution under Food Security and Livelihood Programme on Vanuatu’s Ambae

This is under a Food Security and Livelihood (FSL) programme and is  part of a recovery programme to assist the evacuees that have returned from Maewo to re- settle and start their normal lives after the eruption of Lobenben volcano.

Save the Children officer based on Ambae, Amos Talu said “the aim of the Food Security and Livelihood Programme is to ensure the people have nutritious food to eat and to maintain food security and improve their livelihood”.