Annual Returns

Vanuatu leaders warned to submit annual returns or face court action

Ombudsman, Hamlison Bulu, said 196 had submitted their returns but 445 public sector leaders had not.

He said if they did not submit their annual returns by 14 March their names would appear in the official gazette and then later in court.

Bulu said leaders would also be hit with a $US20,000 penalty if they didn't submit their returns on time with a further $185 added each day.

The Ombudsman appealed to all officials to respect the leadership code.

Leaders in provinces could submit their annual returns to the provincial headquarters.

Vanuatu Ombudsman reminds Leaders to submit annual returns by 1 March

According to the Office of the Ombudsman, more than 400 people currently occupy positions classified as Leaders as spelt out by the Constitution and Leadership Code.

Only five have submitted their annual returns.

The Leaders defined in Article 67 of Vanuatu’s Constitution include the Head of State, the Prime Minister and Members of Parliament.

Section 5 of the Leadership Code stipulates persons holding the following positions are also classified as Leaders.

·        Members of the National Council of Chiefs;